Our Philosophy

Simple living and high thinking.

The main philosophy in Vrinda Bhumi is to reconnect with God through love, service and devotion We practice bhakti yoga, which sees work as a service to others and an offering to the supreme. Although there are many types of yoga, it is written in the Vedas (Sacred ancient scriptures) that the bhakti yoga is the basis of all yoga practices in which love and devotion are the main requirements The objective of our philosophy is to love all beings serving God. We fill our hearts with love, compassion, tolerance and humility. We also sing mantras and pray.


The word mantra is the union of two words, Man that means “mind” and tra that means liberation. So literally mantra means liberation of the mind. Mantras can be constructed by a word, phrases, a syllable or just a sound. These can be recited, sung or silently repeated in the mind. Bhakti yoga is used to become aware of the relationship with God, based on love and pure service. This helps enable us to reach a state of peace and serenity, therefore entering a superior state of consciousness.

The bhakti yoga practitioner looks within themselves for solutions to problems with the intention of improving the understanding of their own inner nature and is immerged in the subtle aspects of life and communion with the infinite.

The life of a yogi is fully devoted to the pursuit of spiritual perfection. To achieve these higher levels of consciousness he or she leads a very disciplined life regulating many daily practices, including: Time to wake up, food, recitation of mantras, prayers, studying the scriptures, recreation, work and rest. Everything is very well calculated so that there is never a wasted a moment of their life. These are the four principles that constitute the pillars of dharma (natural tendency of the soul).

1. Abstention from consumption of substances that alter consciousness. This provides a great inner strength and help in practicing austerities.

2. Non violence, which is reflected in abstaining from the consumption of animal products such as meat, fish, eggs or any product that generates violence against animals  with the intention to grow both compassion and mercy.

3. Not to participate in gambling, thus increasing truthfulness and reducing anxiety.

4. Abstention from illicit sexual practices, such as extra-marital sex or simply sexual intercourse in order to get sensorial pleasure. This to purify the practitioner both internally and externally.

By living a life completely different from established social conventions, a bhakti yogi lives in communion with nature, respecting the ethical and moral values of existence, looking to subdue material desires in order to transform them into spiritual aspirations. The goal is to live a simple life increasingly expanding consciousness.

We hope that you can make the most of this experience through integrating with the members of the community, learning new spiritual values and sharing your own personal experiences and knowledge.