São Paulo

saopaulofromIf you are arriving to Brazil by plane, it is best to is to fly into Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) in São Paulo.

Take the “Airport Bus Service” to the nearest subway station (please ask the bus driver when you get on the bus to let you know where to get off) “Preciso parar no ponto mais próximo da estação do metro”

Once you are at the subway station you need to go to the Tietê Station. It is called RODOVIÁRIA TIETÊ – Tietê Bus Terminal. (Subway tickets will be about $2.00 (two dollars).

–> Rodoviária Tietê you need to catch a bus to Caxambu.

From Monday to Friday, there is a bus leaving Rodoviária Tietê to Caxambu at 7h00 a.m.

The bus will arrive to Caxambu at 2h00 p.m. At the Caxambu bus station, you must take another bus to Baependi. The ticket will cost around $2.00(two dollars)

–> Once you arrive to Baependi you should immediately go to Bar do Ponto to take the bus that goes to Piracicaba; there is only one bus and it leaves at 3:00 p.m (Monday-Friday (except Wednesday)). On Saturday the bus leaves at 2:00pm Click here to see map The bus cost is around $ 3.00 (three dollars).

IMPORTANT!: Actually  there is no bus from Baependi to Piracicaba on Wednesday, Sunday.

mapa VB

–> In Piracicaba someone from the VrindaBhumi team will be waiting for you with a car to take you to the farm that is located 8km away (free of charge). If by any chance our car is not available, we will make sure of sending someone else to take you to the farm by car of by motorbike. (the price by motorbike is 20 reais and by car is 40 reais, if you are going by car more than one person can be transported with you)

It is very important that you confirm the date of your arrival beforehand in order to make the necessary arrangements for your transportation all the way to VrindaBhumi.

For more information please contact us on +55 (35) 33435500 extension (ramal) 194 or by email vrindabhumi@gmail.com