Organic Garden

organic-gardenENWe have an organic garden, where volunteers can learn and practice various techniques of eco-conscious, sustainable cultivation.

Agriculture is one of the most important activities here in Vrinda Bhumi. As a non-profit organization, volunteers are essential to helping us with the day to day operations of our farm. Volunteers of all ages and backgrounds have the opportunity to learn and gain hand-on organic farming experience.

Organic farming provides us with fresh, tasty and authentic food while working in harmony with nature rather than against it. This violence-free diet also allows you to develop a greater compassion for all living entities.

A few of the many benefits of going organic:organicgarden II

Keeps chemicals out of the air, water, soil and our bodies

♣ Builds healthy soil

♣ Helps combat erosion

♣ Fights the effects of Global Warming.

♣ Supports water conservation and water health

♣ Supports Animal Health

♣ Taste better and has a truer flavor

♣ Promotes Biodiversity