♣ Yoga inbound

yogabannerIs a mystical journey that reveals the essence of the soul, and a loving connection with God. A self knowing experience in two dimensions simultaneously; Inwardly, from the gross body to the astral and spiritual bodies, revealing the treasure from within, and feeling of the surrounding world.

The Yoga inbound consists in the practice of asanas, postures that align the spine, straightening the digestive and nervous systems. Other important aspect of this type of yoga is the integration of mantra yoga (sounds that free the mind) and meditation with the supreme source of love and peace.

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♣ World conscious pact

pactobanerThe WCP is a great creative network, which articulates & promotes global networks that look forward to developing man’s consciousness creating an alternative path, which aims to achieving a healthy consumer culture.

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♣ The spoon revolution

revobanerWhat you eat has political and social consequences that you don´t know, and is your spoon the best weapon. That is why Vrinda Bhumi is a ministry of the spoon revolution and all our food is free from animal cruelty.

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♣ World Vaisnava Association

WVA bannerAll Vaisnavas belong to one family, belong to the same tree of Lord Caitanya, therefore Vrinda Bhumi makes part  of the World Vaisnava Association that creates a common ground for all Vaisnava Missions to share their services.

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