Rules and regulations



While visiting Vrinda Bhumi, we ask everyone to be respectful and follow our rules and regulations. They have been created to preserve the purity and integrity of our monastery.

♣ Always remember that you are in a yoga-monastery, please act accordingly.
♣ Have a sense of community spirit and good will.
♣ Exercise all activities in accordance with your own physical condition.
♣ Bonfires are only permitted within the fire pit.
♣ Use only biodegradable products.
♣ Discard your garbage in an appropriate manner.
♣ Treat everyone with courtesy and respect.
♣ Do not go outside the waterfall boundaries in a bathing suit.
♣ The use of drugs and alcohol are not allowed.
♣ Refrain from sexual practices in the Sanctuary.
♣ Eat only vegetarian food while in the Sanctuary.
♣ You are responsible for your own safety.