Q?Do you practice hatha yoga?

A.We  practice bhakti yoga, however, we often receive volunteers or devotees from other temples who have more experience with hatha yoga. They usually give classes for the members of the community when requested. Remember that you are welcome to practice any kind of yoga during your free time.

Q?Are you open to other religious backgrounds?

A.We accept volunteers with open arms regardeless of religious backgrounds and do not force our beliefs upon anyone. We base our relationship on humbleness, love and tolerance.

Q?Do I have to pay something?

A.Yes, We ask for a monetary contribution to help us continue our volunteer program. If you are staying less than two weeks $15 USD (R$60) per day ; $12 USD (R$48) per day if your stay length is between two weeks and one month; $10 USD (R$40) per day if you are staying longer than a month(more info: Volunteering )

Q?Where do we sleep?

A.You will sleep in either a bio-constructed cabin or in a tent (depending on how many volunteers are visitng at one time). If you prefer more privacy you should bring your own tent.

Q?How many meals do we get? Do they have an additional cost?

A.You will get a total of three meals; breakfast,  a snack and  dinner. All of this is included in the requeried contribution that you give to Vrinda Bhumi.

Q?Can I bring my own food?

A.Yes, you can bring your own food. Just remember that you are in a temple where we practice vegeterianism

Q?What kind of clothing do I need?

A.You will need work clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty (for gardening and construction), a bathing suit for the waterfalls, winter clothing throughout the whole year as the temperature drops a little at night, rain gear and day to day clothing. Please keep in mind that this is a Yoga Monastery, dress appropriately.

Q?What activites can I do on my spare time?

A.During your spare time you are free to do as you please. You can hike to the waterfalls, practice yoga, work on a creative project (painting, jewelery making, etc), spend time with volunteers and/or devotees, read a book, you may even find time to get on the internet. It is really up to you what you decide to do with your spare time. Make the best out of it.

Q?Do I have to speak portuguese?

A.You are not required to speak portugues. We have volunteers who come from different parts all around the world. Many of the devotees here speak some spanish and a little bit of english.

Q?Do I need vaccinations?

A.You just need the vaccinations required to enter Brazil.

Q?How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

A. We prefer a two weeks notice so we can have everything ready for your visit to Vrinda Bhumi. As volunteers are always needed we can accommodate any late requests.

Q?Why are you so much cheaper than other programs?

A.We firmly believe that volunteers shouldn’t pay a penny more than what it takes to make it things happen. We offer a quality experience and don’t work with middlemen who take commissions.

Q?What is Krsna Consciousness?

A.It is a process to reconnect yourself with the supreme source of love.

Q?Is it mandatory to assist the temple activities?

A.No, it is not mandatory, but you are always welcome.

Q?How many hours a day do I have to work?

A.You are only required to work 4-5 hours a day.

Q?Do you have internet?

A.Yes, we have a internet and WIFI.

Q?Do you have electricity?

A.Yes, we have electricity.

Q?Where do I wash my clothes?

A.We have a washing machine that you may use, and we also have a sink area where you could wash your clothes by hand (Please make sure to bring environmentally friendly products).

Q?What is the weather like?

A.The weather for the most part of the year is the same. During the day it is warm-cool. At night and in the early morning the temperature drops a little and it may get chilly. Just keep in mind that our rainy season is from December to February.

Q?Where is the nearest doctor?

A.The nearest doctor to Vrinda Bhumi is in Piracicaba (8km from the farm). He is available twice a week.

If you have an emergency the nearest hospital is located in Baependi (28km from the farm)

Q?Do you have a phone?

A.Yes, we do have a phone and the number is (55)-35-33435500 (ext: 194)

Q?What is the best time of the year to visit?

A.You can come visit us throughout the entire year. Do keep in mind that the rainy season is from December to February.